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The Best of Spain - Born in America

We at Cosas De Andalucia believe in the maintenance of a breed "Standard of Excellence". We participate in the breed quality valorization process of the Commission of the Cria Caballar of Spain, providing clients the assurance that our horses are among the highest breed quality available. The Cosas De Andalucia mares of color are absolutely exceptional!

Originally from Rhode Island in the USA, Charlene Hammes has devoted her life since the early nineties to Purebred Spanish horse. Having started her equestrian career at the University of Wales she went on to manage several yards around Europe as well as in Spain itself. She has studied at the Royal Spanish Riding School in Jerez and also under Instructors of the Spanish riding school of Vienna.

For the past decade she has resided as Equestrian Manager and Instructor for a renowned Classical Riding centre specialising in PRE horses just outside Seville. Many students and guests have returned for her classes and to see and learn from her training methods. She keeps a strong bond with all students and guests that have studied with her. The centre of Andalusian life with its traditions, people and culture has lead Charlene Hammes to remain firmly rooted in this area permanently.

Its perfect situation near to El Rocio, Jerez and Cordoba creates the historic home of the Spanish horse.

Charlene Hammes has a great openness to teach and train any level of rider or horse the correct basis up to high school. Her focus is on the correct preparation and guidance. Her forte however lies with her love of the PRE. She has learnt a wealth of knowledge from working with these special horses and from the connections which they have brought her over the years. Thus leading her to develop this website so that other riders can have the opportunity to experience and learn from these beautiful horses like she has. Or, those that have the dream of one day owning or breeding the PRE. As well as teaching in Spain Charlene Hammes holds clinics on a regular basis around Europe.

Charlene Hammes has sold PRE horses around the World and can advise on all aspects from bloodlines, yeguadas (studs), vet checks, transport to paperwork.

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If you are looking for the very best elite Andalusians, you will find it with us. We offer horses which have been carefully produced to various levels.